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Long time no write

Five years have gone by since I last wrote here.  Lots has gone on but bygones are bygones.  Since then we, the wife and I have been on 9 cruises, a tenth one next February.  I’ve had a triple bypass and life has been wonderful since then.  Fortunaterly our Canadian healthcare system is universal and public otherwise, in the U.S. for instance, I would be either dead or bankrupt.  and forget the cruises then.

The  caribbean islands,Mediterranean sea and the wonderful Greek islands, the Baltic, the Canaries wonderful experiences and so enriching, next the Bahamas.  In between short stays in Mexico and Florida.

Retirement is really exhausting.



Wandering clouds



Heads in the clouds you can imagine anything;  the Gulf of Mexico becomes the Red Sea, you are inthe eye of a hurricane or the hurricane has blossomed into a rainbow.

No tickets needed, no borders to cross.  Have a good trip

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