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Long time no write

Five years have gone by since I last wrote here.  Lots has gone on but bygones are bygones.  Since then we, the wife and I have been on 9 cruises, a tenth one next February.  I’ve had a triple bypass and life has been wonderful since then.  Fortunaterly our Canadian healthcare system is universal and public otherwise, in the U.S. for instance, I would be either dead or bankrupt.  and forget the cruises then.

The  caribbean islands,Mediterranean sea and the wonderful Greek islands, the Baltic, the Canaries wonderful experiences and so enriching, next the Bahamas.  In between short stays in Mexico and Florida.

Retirement is really exhausting.



Magic carpet



Is this a Persian Magic Carpet?  No, just the Laurentian forest canopy viewed from 2 000 feet high while flying with my son on this sunny October 8 Thanksgiving Day, here in Canada.  Picture taken near Rawdon, in Lanaudière.  Despite it’s small size, Rawdon is a multiethnic village with a sizable Russian origin population and some beautifull orthodox chuches and bizantine inspired buildings.


Sipping memories

This afternoon, I leisurely drank two fingers of Malaga Virgen.  At Christmas my son and his little family brough me back a bottle after spending their vacations at their secondary home in Fuengirola.  We spent two scorching weeks there in August 2011 and a neighbour had given us a bottle of this divine elixir.

While sipping the nectar I could see the orange tree below our balcony

Then again, walking around the corner and to the street parrallel to ours we could come upon a banana tree complete with ripening bananas

A short walk away you came the bustling activity of la Plaza de Espana, seems every city has one

of course, get around a little and you will see the famous Bull, without the Bull, Fuengirola would not be Fuengirola.

And, visualizing the Bull, brought me to another place, the beaches and I could just smell the ubiquitous sardine smoking and BBQing boats strewn all along the 15 kilometers of beaches.

Is it not amazing what one can see in a wee glass of the proper medecine?

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