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Innocence lost

WE have joined the club of terrorist massacre countries.  A fine French-Canadian gentleman has taken upon himself to open fire in Québec City’s Grande Mosquée while some one hundred were performing their evening prayers: 6 dead, 28 wounded, aged 10 to 60 years.  Just last week, mayor Labeaume, of Québec, was boasting about how safe his city was, not one murder in 2016.  Poor Régis was crying last night while commenting the events.

According to witnesses, the 6 died trying to fight off the shooter.  They should be posthumously decorated for their courage.  We, Canadians, pride ourselves on our tolerance, openness of mind and hospitality.  Diversity, used to say Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is our strenght, and it was repeated last night by everybody. Of course we have our racists and bigots.  These days they are comforted by our southern neighbours president and may be emboldened by his rheroric.   Let’s hope this will be but the act of a lone wolf and no copycat will emulate him.


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