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Early Fall

Our Laurentian Mountains, or Hills as some would have it, are famous for their Fall foliage.  Here are two examples of what it looks like:

These pictures were taken yesterday September 25 2012, from the balcony of our motel room in St-Sauveur-des-monts.


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4 thoughts on “Early Fall

  1. robbear13 on said:

    Those pictures are just so beautiful!

    • imagenmots on said:

      Thank you Rob. Those Hills are close to my heart and I can not go there often enough. This time of the year, they are at their best, in their Sunday Dress really.

  2. All those shades of red, brown, yellow, and green, beautifully folded into the land. Exquisite. I can see why it is so close to your heart.

    • Those Hills are very closely interwoven in the fabric of my life both family like and professional. They are my energy source and, when up there, one feels so close to God; I know it sounds Pagan but, maybe, just maybe, they were right after all.

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